SUV goes into pond at Watkins Center Parkway

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan – email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - An SUV goes off the road and into a retention pond, trapping a mother and her toddler inside. The mother and child are okay, but the situation could have been much worse, if not for the quick response from people who saw the accident happen.

Chesterfield emergency officials say that the driver of the SUV experienced some sort of medical problem that forced her to lose control.

Her truck went off Watkins Center Parkway in Western Chesterfield, down a large hill and into a retention pond below.

The vehicle was partially underwater, causing a dangerous situation.

People in the area who saw the truck go off the road called emergency crews and went down the hill to help.

Fortunately the mother and her child were able to escape out of the back hatch of the SUV without much trouble.

"It was pretty easy to get them out," said Lt. Matt Coffin of the Chesterfield Fire Department. "Fortunately the vehicle was not totally submerged, so they were assisted out and then medical personnel assisted them the rest of the way up the hill and to a local hospital just to be assessed."

The mother and her child were released shortly after their trip to the hospital and are both said to be okay.

Fire officials say, that their rescue was much easier, because so many people saw the truck go off the road and they were easy to find.

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