Two families seeking $10M in damages in VT lawsuit

CHRISTIANSBURG, VA (WWBT) - The only two lawsuits filed against Virginia Tech about the April 16, 2007 massacre will be heard this morning in a Montgomery County courtroom.

These two families refused to accept the $11 million settlement from the state. Their decision to stand alone and pursue this lawsuit has already changed a great deal of what we know about that fateful day.

Two families. Two lawsuits. They're hoping new answers to come to light.

Since first deciding to bring Virginia Tech police, Tech leaders and their Cooke Counseling Center to court, this lawsuit has already made headlines.

The suits have led to the former director of the Cooke Counseling Center finding Seung-Hiu Cho's missing medical records tucked a away in his home.

They've forced the state to take another look at its findings about the massacre. Revealing how Virginia Tech officials locked down their own administrative offices and warned their own families more than an hour and a half before the rest of the campus was alerted.

Erin Peterson and Julia Pryde were killed by Cho, but their families are hoping their memories will forever change the way we look at how the university handled April 16.

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