Jackson Ward parking restrictions petition

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Residents in Jackson Ward are hoping they can fill a petition with signatures to make their neighborhood streets a restricted parking area. The streets in Jackson Ward are quiet at night but for many residents there's a big problem. At times parking near their home is almost impossible.

"We have a problem particularly during the day when people who work downtown, city hall, MCV, state, come in to the neighborhood, park their cars and leave them all day," said Historic Jackson Ward Association President, Charles Finley.

Finley is hoping to change that. He and several other residents have started a petition hoping for signatures from neighbors to make designated areas for residents only.

"It requires a majority of the owners and renters on each block face, 10 continuous block faces, to petition for approval for restricted parking area," said Finley.

Looking down the streets in the neighborhood you can see why the petition would be needed. The streets have no signs restricting parking but signs like that require a permit to park in The Fan are what some Jackson Ward residents hope will help create more parking space.

City council members would have to approve the restrictions. Finley needs more than half of the residents to sign the petition. Those we spoke with are more than happy to.

"Given some of the complications like a few blocks down I could see a good argument for that," said Jackson Ward resident, Jim Miller.

The deadline for collecting signatures for the petition is January 10, 2010. The exact time for parking restrictions has not yet been determined.

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