Nathan Randolph found guilty

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Late this evening, 55 year old Nathan Randolph was convicted of first degree murder in the death of Alnita Coleman.

Randolph had nothing to say in the courtroom as one by one each juror said yes as the judge read their guilty verdict. Alnita Coleman's family sat crying at times, thankful that the man who killed their loved one will pay for his crime.

"We can pretty much go on with our lives now, you know? Everything has been verdict and we love what's going on and what happened to him," said Tertia Coleman, Alnita Coleman's daughter.

A jury found Randolph guilty of first degree murder and suggested he be sentenced to life in prison. Back on April 22nd of this year Randolph was arrested after being shot during a confrontation with police officers. Later, they found the body of his fiancé -- murdered in his home. The coroner says she was strangled with a necktie.

"You took her away but you haven't took her soul cause she still walks within me," said Tertia Coleman. "That's my best friend. As far as my kids, she had a whole lot of grandkids so, you know, he has taken her away from them too so…"

Randolph had nothing to say in court as he learned his fate. While we wait to see if the judge will agree with the jury's recommended life sentence, Coleman's daughter hopes for a harsher punishment.

"Death. The death penalty would have been very wonderful for me. Yes. I hate him. I really hate him and I hope he croaks," said Tertia.

Randolph's fate will be determined at his sentencing. Judge Margaret Spencer has set that date for February 11 at 9 a.m.

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