Beagle shot and killed by Chesterfield Animal Control officer

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A Chesterfield family wants answers after their 10 year old beagle was shot and killed by an Animal Control officer. The family said it happened right in front of their 13 year old daughter.

Angie Davis wants the Chesterfield Animal Control officer to lose his job. She said not just for killing Clifford, their longtime family pet, but pulling the trigger twice just two feet from where they were standing.

Her daughter, Ashley White, grew up with Clifford. On November 7, White said she watched him die.

"I wish I could erase it but you kind of can't," said White.

Her mother is livid.

"How could you shoot two feet from human beings, and injure or kill one of us, because the dog is running around. I don't think that's very fair," said Angie Davis.

Davis said they returned home to find Clifford not in his dog house but out front near their home on Lost Forest Drive and underneath an Animal Control officer's truck. White said she tried to get him back on his leash.

"I almost had him and slipped out his head through it," said White.

Chesterfield police say an Animal Control officer was in the area and in the middle of putting a pit bull in his truck when Clifford came up to the officer. Davis said her dog has never bit a person or an animal. But Chesterfield Police Captain Steve Neal said Clifford was aggressive and attacked the pit bull. Attempts to separate the two said Neal were unsuccessful.

"He never once tried to do anything with my dog other than kicking at him," said Davis.

Neal said the officer then used lethal force.

"He made the decision. The dog had to be shot at that point," said Neal.

Not once but twice said Davis.

"He pulled the gun out and shot the dog. Shot him in the hip. The dog fell in the street. He couldn't get back up and then bent down, and put the gun to the dog's head, up against his head, and pulled the trigger," said Davis.

Police said they're sorry the family had to go through that. But an internal investigation is underway to determine whether the Animal Control officer, who's been with the agency for about two years, followed the law and procedure.

Davis said at the least, her daughter deserves an apology.

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