Rash of car break-ins near St. Christopher's School

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Thieves are targeting cars in Richmond's West End. Police told NBC 12 that residents have reported fifteen incidents in the last week alone.

Richmond detectives said almost half of the break-ins since last Wednesday, happened in the area surrounding St. Christopher's School. That averages out to one break-in a day.

What Kim Jessee told us after she picked her son up from an after school program at St. Christopher's is what every cop never wants to hear.

"I usually don't even lock my car," said Jessee.

Officers especially hate to hear this when there's a laundry list of goodies just waiting to catch a thief's eye. Jessee said she regularly leaves her bag for school, pocketbook and phone in plain sight.

"I'm usually very trusting," she said.

Apparently she's not the only one. Police said at least two car break-ins in the last six days happened on the 700 block of St. Christopher's Road under similar circumstances. The others, in which valuables like wallets and lap tops were taken, occurred on the few streets in the same general vicinity.

Police told us early last week, they arrested a number of car break in suspects. Those people are in custody. And still in the last few days, drivers reported a number of incidents.

So police have stepped up their watch. They've even added a designated officer for the five or six block radius surrounding the school. He'll patrol by foot, bike and car stopping anyone who looks suspicious. Still, the department says citizens need to do their part to avoid becoming targets.

"If your car doesn't have anything in it that they can see from the outside they'll go on to the next one," said Sgt. Bill Brereton. "Hopefully, there isn't a next one."

Police have gotten some good descriptions and are developing a suspect profile but they say they need more information. If you see anything suspicious, even if it seems minor, officers want to come out and check. Call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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