Educational Editorial: Federal involvement in schools

By Dr. Bill Bosher, NBC12 Educational Specialist

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Federal Government has no constitutional provision to get involved in education. Under the 10th Amendment, it is an area that is left to the states.

Then how is the Fed so involved in schools?

Our federal government has historically engaged in supervising public schools through executive orders (desegregation), public laws (special education), and court decisions (prayer at graduation) … and then there is money that always comes with a conditional clause, "If your want the money, then…"

The Obama administration, applauded by both sides of the isle for its education agenda, is apparently using a "bait and switch" technique.

As with many regulators, they have been seduced from policy-making by the lure of practice. Not only do they want to provide, in exchange for their money, the "destination," they want to tell us how to get there.

They also want tons of data, frequently with no specific purpose other than exposing it to the "sunshine." They want states to compile classroom teacher and administrative evaluations…a request that in very small school divisions will identify people.

This is clearly unethical and probably illegal. And if this is not enough to "light up" any genetic predisposition for secession, they now are saying that states must adopt new federal standards that are lower than Virginia's.

We clearly have a right to receive our share of the taxes that we send to Washington, …but under our conditions. Many are raising concerns that the new requirements are not those that were originally promised. Apparently it is not the devil, but deception that resides in the details.

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