Making trash pickup more peaceful in Henrico

By Andy Jenks - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Henrico County wants to make trash pickup, a more "peaceful" experience. Tonight, board members will consider changing when the big trucks can enter certain neighborhoods.

In response to neighbor complaints, the county will begin a study of ways to reduce noise in neighborhoods that are located close to businesses.

Since 1996, Virginia Import Service has been on Broad Street, just steps away from a residential neighborhood. Owner Don Rudd kept that in mind, when deciding when to have the trash picked up.

"We have a really good relationship with our neighbors here, and I didn't want to have them complaining about it being too early," said Don.

The trucks come to Don's business at eight in the morning, but other shops aren't always so courteous.

"I've heard as early as 4:30, 5:00 in the morning," he said.

The tendency for round-the-clock trash pickup is why, in 1988, Henrico decided to allow it only between six a.m. and midnight for certain shops and destinations. Now, 21 years later, the county is talking about expanding the restrictions, to include apartment complexes, office buildings, and warehouses.

"It should be around 9 when everyone's up and going to work," said resident Brandy Finisecy.

Finisecy has no real complaints about the time of trash pickup in her neighborhood. With a little girl at home - she'd like to keep it that way.

"I don't want her to wake up, that's for sure!" she said.

By recommending a study now, the county hopes to balance the need for businesses to get rid of their trash with the needs of neighbors, to get a good night's sleep.

"I could see both sides of it. I'd understand the residents, probably; the noise is probably a consideration. Being in business, I understand that sometimes you have to do things to get it done in a day," said Don.

Tonight the board recommends a study, to figure out what rules would work best. There would be at least two public hearings before any changes go into effect next year. 

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