Store owner pulls gun on robber

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - An armed man tries to rob a convenience store but is scared off when the owner fights back. It happened at the Liberty Food Mart on East River Road.

Around 10 o'clock Thursday night an armed robber met his match at the Liberty Food Mart convenience store in Chesterfield county. The owner pulled out his own gun in efforts to protect himself causing the suspect to run off.

"I'm glad that he did," said nearby business owner, Pat Harris. "I'm glad that he had a weapon and I'm glad he was able to turn things around. You have to protect yourself."

Harris is the owner of Jeff's Place, a bar just down the street from where the Liberty Food Mart was robbed. For him, the owner's retaliation will do a lot to deter crime in the area.

"It means that people got weapons," said Harris. "You come in here and try to hold them up they are probably going to turn them on you."

"A store owner is like any other person," said legal analyst, Steve Benjamin.

Benjamin, picks apart the legality of the Food Mart owner's actions. In the state of Virginia, the store owner would be allowed to use his own weapon to defend himself if he felt his life or someone else's was in danger.

"A business owner, like anyone else, has the right to use a firearm as deadly force only when he reasonably believes his life or the life of someone else is seriously in danger," said Benjamin.

The store owner declined an interview but Chesterfield Police tell us the suspect was armed when he demanded money from the store clerk. No one was hurt.

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