Palin draws hundreds to book signing in Northern VA

FAIRFAX, VA (WWBT) - Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin drew a crowd of 2,000 people to a Northern Virginia store.

The former Alaska Governor was signing copies of her book, "Going Rogue," at the BJ's Wholesale Club in Fairfax.

Many of these Virginians waited in line overnight in the cold and snow.

Spotsylvania resident Rachel Stone was originally planning to travel to Roanoke to see paling in November but then the Fairfax stop was announced she opted for the shorter drive.

"We got here a little bit after noon and we've been here all night," she said. "We made a lot of friends and that's great. It's our one opportunity to see Sarah.

"No problem at all," said Sterling resident Ron Wolf. "It's been cold, but look what we got. We  got one last shot to see Sarah."

Palin joked about the weather, saying it make her feel like she was at home.

Of course, Alaska usually sees a little more snow than fell Saturday in Virginia.

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