Richmond ranks 99th on nationwide crime list

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Streets in the City of Richmond became a little bit safer when compared to others this year. A new survey this year by the Congressional Quarterly Press ranks city crime last year in 99th place, a 50 city drop since the year before. That's good news for the Richmond Police Department.

"We're very pleased with what we've accomplished in 2008," said Assistant Chief of the Richmond Police Department,  David McCoy. "But we are also able to take where we are today in 2009 and kind of judge that a little bit against the rating in 2008 and know we are going to have a very good year next year."

The list compares crimes like murder, rape and robbery in nearly 400 cities. And while the crime could go up or down in Richmond from year to year, the national statistics determine its overall ranking. Nonetheless, the Richmond Police Department is continuing its public service efforts.

In just 2005 Richmond ranked 5th on the list, in 2006 it ranked 15th. It was ranked 29th in 2007 and in 2008 it dropped to 49th. The decline in ranking has not gone unnoticed by residents.

"You don't see as much stuff in the newspaper," said one resident. "When you are listening to the news we don't hear as much as we used to."

"I think the new police chief is making gain," said another resident.

McCoy attributes the lower ranking to close partnership between the community and the police department.

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