Dangerous oak tree cut down on Overbrook Road

By Diane Walker - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – An update to a 12 On Your Side story we've been covering this week. Nancy Anderson called 12 when she had problems getting what could be the oldest oak on Richmond's Overbrook Road removed.

Roots from the city owned tree caused the sidewalk to buckle and a fallen limb had crushed Anderson's steps. A city arborist determined the oak is diseased.

Earlier this week the city of Richmond said it would prune the tree but couldn't give a date for its removal. This morning Anderson awoke to the sound of chainsaws and saw the Department of Urban Forestry removing the tree. She's elated that she won't have to worry about falling limbs from the dying oak.

"I said, 'You finally cutting that tree down!' I've been trying to get them to cut that tree down so long," Nancy Anderson said. "This gonna be a whole lot better. My sidewalk will be fixed and I'm gonna be able to get down the steps. Until I get a really good "rollator" then I'll be running down the steps."

Anderson says the city told her the sidewalk would be fixed in January. Richmond will pay to repair her steps, but Nancy is still waiting for her contractor to submit an estimate to the city.

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