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Can I place hot pots and pans directly on my countertops from the stove or oven?

Placing a very hot object directly on top of a cold surface results in a condition referred to as thermal shock. Imagine what happens to a glass of ice cubes when you pour boiling water into it. Under most conditions found in the kitchen, your countertops will be fine if you take a hot pan off the stove or a casserole out of the oven and place it on them. However there have been instances of countertops cracking when the conditions are just right.

For this reason we always recommend the usage of a trivet or thermal pad between the pot and countertop. Furthermore there have been instances of cracking when counters are exposed to prolonged periods of low heat such as when cooking with a crock pot. We recommend placing a trivet or thermal pad between your crock pot and countertop.

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