Paying too high a price for 'Black Nativity'

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - These days if you're looking to buy tickets to a concert or play, the easiest thing to do is Google it and make your purchase online. But one Richmond area theater is warning people to be careful they are paying too much.

Friday is opening night of the local production, Black Nativity. And while many people are looking to purchase tickets, they could end up spending more than they should.

"We've received a couple of calls from ticket buyers going why have you increased the price too much and of course we have not," says artistic director, Bruce Miller.

Black Nativity is a local program that depicts the story of the nativity through song and dance. Looking into those calls Miller did a quick Google search for Black Nativity Richmond that led him to this site. The tickets here were selling at nearly double what the theater was charging.

"And when we entered information further there were other fees to get added on (like) shipping and handling," says Barksdale Theatre spokeswoman, Judi Crenshaw. "(There were) other agreements that were made that sometimes jacked the price up to as high as $90 or $100."

Tickets to the production are only $40 if purchased from the theater box office or Ticketmaster. Theatre staff contacted the site operators and they have since removed the high priced tickets. Miller and Crenshaw, however, have no way of knowing who paid the hefty price.

"We're flattered that they think that Black Nativity is going to do so well that they can charge $72!" adds Miller.

If you happened to have purchased your tickets online for more than $40 and never receive them for some reason don't worry. Barksdale Theatre staff promises to all anyone who never received their tickets in to the show anyway. If you are looking to purchase tickets at the regular price you can go to the CenterStage box office.

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