Student charged after bringing air gun to school

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Parents are sounding off about a Chesterfield County student charged with bringing an air gun to school.

School officials say it was a brief incident and quickly resolved. The 12-year-old boy charged in the case was taken to juvenile detention. Parents say he should also face disciplinary action by the principal.

Denise Papeo's 12-year-old son Robbie is a 7th grader at Manchester Middle, the same age as the boy who police say brought an air gun to school Wednesday.

Papeo says he should have known better, but also blames his parents.

"You would think parents will be keeping an eye on them to ensure things like this don't happen," said Papeo.

Police say the sixth grader was showing off the gun to a classmate when it went off, grazing the other boy in the arm.

Papeo says her son knows what that feels like.

"My son was hit in the face with one and it left a scar for about a year and it is very painful and it leaves a nice red mark for a long time," says Papeo.

Air soft guns, like this one, come in a lot of different designs. Some can look like the real deal.

School officials say teachers quickly identified the one brought into Manchester Middle as a toy.

But the child is facing serious charges including brandishing a firearm on school property and assault and battery.

"I don't know that those are warranted but I think the school needs to see it as a serious situation and do something about it," said another parent, Deborah Jones.

School officials say the district strictly enforces student conduct regulations. Violators are subject to suspension and/or expulsion.

"If he gets away with it lord knows what happens in the future," said Papeo.

The boy who was grazed was not seriously hurt. No word yet when the other child will be in court.

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