Residents gather belongings day after fire

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Residents crowded the entryway of the Chesterfield Square Apartment Complex the day after a fire burned part of the building to the ground. Anxious to see what was left of the place they once called home, everyone who once lived here knew they had something to be thankful for.

"I think we were blessed because nobody was really hurt or nobody had anymore than just fire damage," said resident, Geraldine Kirksey. "Because it could have been some lives lost."

The destruction from the fire was clearly evident from the outside. Once inside, residents described a closer look at the aftermath from last night's horrific scene.

"Water is everywhere," said Jo McKnight whose mother lives in the complex. "Even the apartments that we thought weren't messed up you know with the fire being on the other side water is still over here on this side everywhere."

"It was all kinds of debris all over the floor," said resident, Ralph Schwartz. "The carpet was soaked with water. Some of the furniture had water on it."

They filled plastic bags with personal belongings, grabbed all the clothes they could possibly find and even stopped to check the mail not knowing when they'll be allowed back into their home. Still these residents have a positive outlook on life.

"The lord is good and everything will work fine," said Kirksey.

If you are still looking for a loved one who lived at the Chesterfield Square apartment complex the American Red Cross can help you find them. They are also accepting donations for these and other disaster victims. Just call 780-2250 for more information or to make a contribution or visit their website by clicking here.

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