Governor Kaine tours state to celebrate smoking ban

By Tara Morgan - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Smoking or non-smoking? As of today, that's one question you'll no longer hear in most Virginia restaurants and bars. The state's new smoking ban is now in effect. Today, Governor Kaine took a statewide tour to promote the new law.

A round of applause for Governor Tim Kaine at his fourth and final stop on his statewide tour to celebrate the smoking ban. Like many eateries across the state, Hometeam Grill displayed a "non-smoking" sign outside its establishment in order to be in compliance.

Under the new law, you can no longer light up in most bars and restaurants except ones that have enclosed areas with separate ventilation systems.

Governor Kaine say the law will certainly bring great health benefits to restaurant patrons and workers who've, until now, had to endure the effects of second hand smoke. Kaine says the response he's received from restaurant owners has been tremendous from Staunton, to northern Virginia, and right here in Richmond.

"We've gotten a good response everywhere we go in Charlottesville, and northern Virginia, all kinds of businesses have a level playing field they must abide by," said Kaine.

"We're very fortunate here in the fan to have a 900 square foot patio and look forward to enhancing the experience for people who have to go out there and smoke, if that's what they choose to do," said Patrick Sanford, Hometeam Grill.

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