Shoppers avoid Black Friday rush, shop late

By Nicole Bell - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - People were lined up and fighting crowds all day to take advantage of those Black Friday bargains.

Many stores were packed with people, up until the doors, closed, for business.

Consumers know what they want.

A great discount and another discount on top of the first.

Shoppers are on the hunt in search of rock bottom prices.

Danyell Hamilton got rolling early.

She started shopping at 2:30 Friday morning, went to work, then came back for more bargains.

"I haven't had any sleep," she said. "I didn't go to sleep at all last night. I've been up since 8:00 Wednesday morning."

Kathy Farmer is well rested, she slept in this morning and started her Black Friday shopping in the evening.

It's a decision she made last year while battling those big crowds for merchandise and parking.

"I had my signal on and ready to go and someone jumped out of their car, stood in the space and wouldn't let me have it - so I decided not to fight that again," she said.

Whether you come early or late - retailers are eager to get shoppers in the mood to spend.

By Sunday 134 million Americans will have gone shopping this weekend.

According to the National Retail Federation that's up five percent from last year.

That's music to Anna Ilina's ears.

"They're not buying," she said.

Ilina says a lot of people came to her kiosk Friday.

Some made purchases, many more just looked.

"We just waiting for more customers and I hope the customers we had before who promised to come back will really come back because I had a lot of people here just looking," said Ilina.

Some shoppers say they're holding out in hopes of bigger deals.

Others say if the price is just about right -- they'll buy.

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