DUI patrols right now

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Police are on patrol looking for drivers who've started celebrating the holiday early and maybe have had a little too much to drink!

The night before Thanksgiving is typically when most people get their holiday celebration started by heading out for a night on the town. And for most people drinking and driving is not an option.

"I either drive with somebody else so I won't be the driver."

"I make sure I only have 1 drink and then I hang out for a long time, so I had to be here a couple of hours drinking water."

"I've had a ton of beers today but I'm not driving."

But some people still do and law enforcement officers are looking for them. Across the greater Richmond area DUI patrols are in full effect and officers have a zero tolerance policy.

"I've had people when I stop them; challenge me saying I can do the field test. I'll show you that I'm sober and they end up going to jail," Lieutenant Robert Maryland, Richmond Police Department.

If you've had too much to drink you will be caught. Officers warn drivers that impairment begins with the first drink. It's a message some bar and club owners try to remind their customers.

"If I see people going over the top of course I do mention to them that the best way to go around it. You know the police are out you might want to cut back a bit," said Tom Goulding, Owner of Rosie O'Connolly's.

If you don't cut back and get behind the wheel you'll be arrested and if convicted could face jail time and a hefty fine. Worst of all you could kill someone, yourself or both. You have several options for getting home.

If you've had too much to drink including a new method this year. You may have seen the green Shockoe Bottom bus taking people to the Bottom and back. You can also call a cab, a friend or if you live close enough, walk.

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