Realtor wants to know if house is haunted

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - In today's tough economic climate selling a house is no easy task. That's why a local realtor is taking a "supernatural" approach to move one of her historic properties.

A human hasn't lived in the house at 18 Perry Street in Petersburg for nearly a decade. Now, a paranormal team is setting up audio and video equipment investigating if spirits are calling this 200 year old house - home.

"We're also looking to catch disembodied voices - which is you'll be standing in a room and hear a voice and nobody said anything," said Marie Colby, Paranormal Investigator.

These ghost hunters are not alone. The group is working in collaboration with a real estate agent who's trying to sell the house. The realtor, Kimberly Ann Caos, says ghosts are good for business.

Kimberly Ann Caos: "About a third of the people who look at older homes wish they had a ghost."
Nicole Bell: "Why do you think that's so?"
Kimberly Ann Caos: "I think it makes the house even more of a home because the people don't want to leave."

Back inside the three story house the investigation is well underway.

Nicole Bell: "What do you say to folks who say this is crazy?"
Marie Colby: "I say we welcome skeptics. We like people who are skeptical. It keeps us a little more honest. We try to debunk every piece of evidence we get and if we can't debunk it we'll call it paranormal."

A haunted house, it's a key selling point says the realtor especially during a tight economy.

"I hope somebody will move in with whoever else is already here," Kimberly said.

So when will we know the results of this ghost hunting investigation? We're told the paranormal group will review all of its picture; video and audio recordings captured here, and should have an outcome within several days. We'll keep you posted. 

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