Meadowbrook High School looking at possible classroom change

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Despite millions less next year, Chesterfield County Public Schools is looking into what it would take to give Meadowbrook High's curriculum a major update.

The school would stay the same, teachers would stay in place, but student schedules would be different.

"What it would allow is to have small learning communities at the high school. It could be anything from information technology to health sciences to engineering and mathematics," said Shawn Smith, Chesterfield County Public Schools.

Right now, it's just a possibility. Parent Darlene Diallo is ready to think outside the box. She says the small learning communities would motivate students and her daughter, who already has her sights set on the future.

"She wants to be a teacher. But is she geared for that? Are they preparing her for that?," said Darlene.

The program shift could also help Meadowbrook's image.

"It's not the top school in the county, I know that," said graduate Lindsey Graham.

It hasn't met the requirements for the federal "No Child Left Behind" program. The drop-out rate is nearly double the districts and just last month a student was arrested for allegedly carrying a fake gun at school.

"I think if you're focused on what you're doing at school then you're not as apt to drop out," said Lindsey.

Lindsey says if an accelerated program helped her, these sub-schools could work wonders on students. The only problem, the district's pockets are set to be at least $30 million lighter next year.

"Certainly our focus right now is preserving jobs. We're reviewing all of our programs to determine can we allocate existing resources, maybe there's some additional grant money we could apply for," said Smith.

This mom is urging school leaders to push every penny into this proposed program.

"Let's put it in Meadowbrook because we need it," Darlene said.

The research for the program change is still in the early stages and would only happen next year if the budget allows.

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