Salvation Army taking donations by credit card

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In a tough economy, The Salvation Army is making it even easier for you to help out those in need this holiday season. They're rolling out two credit card machines during their red kettle campaign, to take your donations.

Using plastic to buy things at stores like Walmart is really convenient for us. But, for these people trying to collect some money in these red kettles, things aren't looking so convenient.

They're drumming up some change this holiday season, The Salvation Army is ready to swipe, into the age of technology.

"We've heard that comment 'If you only had a machine!,' so, we're just trying to keep up with the times," said Capt. Natalie Sayre with The Salvation Army.

Two new credit card machines are making their way around our area. So instead of relying on good ol' change, people like Betty Gary can make an easy donation.

"I think with the card you feel comfortable giving a better donation.... I have a little more than I thought to give at first," added Betty.

It's simple to use. All you do is credit or debit, swipe, enter your donation and soon will pop out a receipt.

The hope is the amount of money the Salvation Army collects will spike, helping to reach it's goal of $260,000 in Metro Richmond.

'It's a win-win. It helps people who give at the kettle and it helps people who need it," said Capt. Sayre.

It's news that comes right in the midst of the worst economic downturn in decades and in a year that is seeing a decrease in donations already, compared to 2008.

"It's easy to do and it means a lot this time to year to a lot of people," added Betty.

Starting Saturday, you'll find one permanently at the Walmart near the Regency Square Mall. The second one could be floating around to a store near you.

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