Richmond Sheriff responds to investigation

By Aaron Gilchrist - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody is talking about sexual battery accusation leveled against him. A special prosecutor told the Times-Dispatch today that charges will not be filed against Woody after one of his own deputies accused him of forcing himself on her.

Aaron Gilchrist: "Have you ever had any sort of physical contact with an employee that could be perceived as intimate or inappropriate?" 
C.T. Woody: "No. No. None whatsoever."

From his office inside the Richmond City Jail, C.T. Woody is comforted by the decision he says he was confident would come.

Published reports say a female deputy accused Woody of forcibly kissing her inside the city jail last year.  A special prosecutor was appointed to investigate the claim. He told the Times-Dispatch the allegation lacks merit based on what his investigators learned.

"They wanted to know how long I've know her, how long had she been here, things of that nature. Have we ever had any discussions or disagreements and things like that? And I answered them truthfully, gave them the answers and just told them go do what they had to do cause I had nothing to hide," said Woody.

Aaron Gilchrist: "Had there been any differences personally or professionally between you and that..."
C.T. Woody: "No. No. No disagreements at all. No."
Aaron Gilchrist: "So really sort of out of the blue?"
C.T. Woody: "Out of the blue. It was fabricated."

While Woody says he has theories as to why the claim was lodged, he won't discuss them, but he does say it's not the first time that deputy has complained.

"Incidents such as this had been reported before by the one that made the allegations that were unfounded, and it wasn't about me. They were about other folks around here also," Woody said.

Woody says the incident and the conclusion have made him stronger and wiser... And he plans to move on. While the accuser is still one of Woody's deputies, his human resources staff, along with H.R. auditors from the city are reviewing what's happened. But, he told me, with the prosecutor's decision, the deputy's integrity, and therefore her employment, are in question.

"I'm going to do what's right and what's just always. I'm going to do the right thing. I have not made a decision on that at this particular time but we are looking at those possibilities," Woody said.

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