Investigation into shooting at Chesterfield apartment complete

Posted by Phil Riggan – email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield Police officials have announced that the criminal and internal investigations into the Aug. 31 shooting death of Brett M. Rivers indicate that a SWAT officer was justified in shooting Rivers, and the actions were necessary and appropriate.

The investigations revealed the following:

  • Rivers brandished a gun at an apartment complex employee
  • Rivers returned to his apartment and fired shots from inside his home
  • Officers then evacuated residents and began negotiations with Rivers
  • Rivers discharged his weapon from inside his apartment through sliding glass doors in the direction of a police officer
  • Rivers then fired several shots through his front door
  • Rivers then exited his home and fired at SWAT team members.
  • One SWAT team officer then shot Rivers, who later died.

Commonwealth's Attorney William W. Davenport concluded, "The officer responded appropriately, and not only was the use of force clearly justified, it was necessary to protect police officers as well as apartment complex residents."

The SWAT team officer has been returned to full duty.

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