Police and volunteers protecting holiday shoppers

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - While you're busy making your list and checking it twice, thieves are watching your every move! But the Henrico Police Department is beefing up its forces this holiday season, to keep you safe.

Anyone that's left gifts in their cars tonight could be a target and the situation will only get worse as the shopping season continues, but efforts are underway to prevent crooks from ruining your holiday spirit.

It's typically a holiday for giving, but Christmas is also a perfect time for thieves to take from you. As you run from store to store, crooks know you may be carrying lots of money and they're looking to take advantage.

"We secure it in the car, you know lock everything up to keep it in the trunk out of sight," said shopper Adam Baker.

Adam Baker and his wife are starting their Christmas shopping early but are still aware the crooks are out there. Henrico County police know this too. Starting next Saturday until December 19th they will have volunteers like this dressed in maroon vests patrolling Henrico County malls. Their goal is to increase shopping safety and catch thieves this holiday shopping season.

"I just try to be aware of things. I try to keep them close to me and when I put them in the car I try to hide them under things so they in plain sight," said shopper Lisa Selah.

Police also suggest you only carry a minimal amount of cash. You should always park in a well lit area in the parking lot. And lastly, never leave your wallet or purse in a shopping cart.

""It's a higher risk of being robbed because times are hard and not everybody is in the festive spirit," said Lisa.

The volunteer group goes by the name of act now which stands for awareness of crime today neighbors on watch.

They begin patrolling the area next Saturday. You can also help crack down on crime this holiday season by reporting any suspicious activity that you see to police immediately.

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