Swine flu vaccines on the way

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - As more doses of the swine flu vaccine make their way into the Commonwealth, more people are lining up to get it. And while more people are dying from the virus, getting vaccinated has become a top priority.

"Today is the first clinic that we've done like this," said Richmond City Health District nurse, Sherry Sheader. "We do plan to go to each of the middle and high schools in coming weeks."

The Richmond City Health District is rushing to get as many students vaccinated as possible. They offered an H1N1 clinic for middle and high schoolers on Thursday just in time for the holidays.

"As a teacher I'm in contact with kids all day andIi want to be healthy as I want them to be healthy," said Clifford Broeniman. "And hopefully the swine flu shot will prevent swine flu from entering my body."

Even teachers lined up to get vaccinated and across the state the scene at other clinics is similar. Thankfully another 1.2 million doses are headed our way. So far, there have been 27 deaths in the state so health officials urge you to get vaccinated whether by shot or mist.

"It's just as effective," said Sheader. "It does have some live virus in it. If a student is healthy then it's easier than getting an injection."

If you're already experiencing flu like symptoms you should stay home and give yourself time to recover.

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