Manchester parent uses fight as learning lesson

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A call for caution tonight from Chesterfield schools after Monday's fight at Manchester High School. Officials hope to prevent further violence by having students and parents separate rumor from reality.

Since Monday's fight, there have been rumors it was racially-motivated. That it make spark another altercation. Chesterfield public schools says take a step back and evaluate the information. It's exactly what one mother is doing.

"Be kind, polite to people," said parent Angela Perkins.

It's the positive message stemming from a negative situation. Angela Perkins is busy talking with her 3 children who all attend Manchester high. The focus: the fight between two students on Monday.

"Before you jump and be ready to make some type of assumption, kind of step back and think about where could this have come from?" Angela said.

She's taking her cues from Chesterfield schools. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the principal called parents informing and updating them about the altercation.

"I have confidence that the principal knows what to do and handles things in a manner that it will diffuse situations," she said.

Shawn Smith, with the Chesterfield County Public School System, reports no other issues. He credits parents.

"We really want to reach out to parents. They are so important in times like this to reinforce appropriate student behavior," said Smith.

He says this week several inaccurate text messages are circulating.

"We really encourage our parents when they hear things that they're unsure about, take a step to even call the school, talk with them to ensure that they have the facts," said Smith.

There was no spike in absences after the fight. This is the first time this year Manchester's principal has called parents concerning an altercation. Whether rumor or a fight... Angela says think first.

"But the idea is to just think about it from another perspective," Angela said.

No one was injured or arrested in Monday's fight. The school district says the students are either suspended or expelled.

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