Principal alerts parents after fight at Manchester High School

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – On the heels of a fight at Manchester High, Chesterfield County public schools is notifying parents for the second day in a row. The district isn't commenting on the motive for the fight, but some students say the violence was racially-charged.

It's the talk on campus: the fight between two Manchester students on Monday. Today, some students say they're fighting back by wearing specific clothing.

Senior Emily Blanton's outfit is perfectly planned.

"Today we all wore white. Yesterday we all wore camouflage," said Blanton.

She and her matching friends, using clothing to protest Monday's fight.

"And then Monday, randomly some kid hit my friend in the face from behind him," she said. "That kid was in school the next day but my friend who fought him back was suspended."

She says there's racism at Manchester. The fight, a result of it.

"Some black person sent a text message to a white person and that white person sent it to everybody else. It said if you're white and you wear camo tomorrow you're going to get jumped, so we all wore camo," Blanton said.

Tommy Heath doesn't see the connection.

"It was only between two people and I didn't really think it was that big of a deal. I mean it happens pretty often, not at this school in particular, but people get in altercations. I didn't really think that much of it," said Tommy Heath, senior.

Though, a message from the principal over the loud speaker Tuesday did surprise the senior. He says it's a first.

"He told us that what the fight was over was unacceptable and that it shouldn't have happened or taken place and that it looked bad on our school," Heath said.

"That altercation is being dealt with at this time through our student disciplinary measures," said Shawn Smith, Chesterfield County Public Schools.

Shawn Smith says no one was injured or arrested. He won't specify whether both students are suspended or expelled.

"Our principal talked directly with the student body on Tuesday and also shared a parent link message with our parents to reiterate that conversation took place with the student body," Smith said.

"Everyone's getting all worked up over everything. There were around 10 cops here this morning.  Nothing's going to happen," Blanton said.

The teen says text messages are circling. Whoever wears a particular piece of clothing will get trouble the following day. Still, she and her friends don white tees.

"We're just doing this to prove a point that nothing's going to happen. They're just saying this stuff to scare people," she said.

No changes to daily activities since Monday's fight and tonight the school district reports a call will go out to parents from the principal updating them on the situation.

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