Gov. Kaine requests FEMA support for storm ravaged areas

From NBC12 News

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - Because of Saturday's cloudy weather, Governor Kaine was not able to take his scheduled helicopter ride to view the extensive damage in the Hampton Roads area.

Instead, he traveled on the ground -- visiting with residents as he took in the damage.

"A home is the most important thing anybody has," he said. "So it's more than just a physical thing. It's kind of an extension of who we are."

While touring the Norfolk and Hampton areas, Governor Kaine expressed his dismay at the number of homes that were damaged and destroyed during the storm.

While the Governor says the necessary paperwork for FEMA funding is on its way.

Saturday, it was face-time and a compassionate ear that Kaine could offer.

"When you see, not just the damage to appliances, but family pictures, heirlooms, papers and things you might not be able to recover, it's really sad to see it," he said.

Hampton officials put structural damage estimates at $3 million.

Everything was also lost in Virginia Beach where the storm washed away the Lynnhaven pier for the first time.

50 percent of the beach was swallowed up in the surge.

Congressmen Bobby Scott, Glenn Nye and Rob Wittman were alongside Kaine, as well as a representative from FEMA.

Kaine says he's also willing to dip into the state's contingency budget.

"It costs a lot. It's emotionally draining, so you definitely see that in the folks that we visited today here in Hampton. But you also see people banding together with family and with friends, trying to help each other out. And that's inspiring," Kaine said.

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