James river crests yet dangers remain

From NBC12 News

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - The James river finally crested Saturday morning at 13.3 feet.

River levels are falling now but the danger remains.

Richmond Fire and Rescue reports an increased number of emergency calls to the river late this week.

Rescue crews hope people will stay away from the water if possible.

There is still a lot of debris in the river which could cause problems.

"For one thing, people have to have a permit if it's above nine feet," said Fire and EMS Capt. Williams. "Also, they should travel in groups of at least three boats. They should be experts and should not be going out there as a new boater. You can't be too safe right now."

High river levels caused a few problems for drivers particularly on Dock Street.

Detours are in place, so follow the posted signs in that area.

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