Cleanup begins after storm passes

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - "The tree comes from the neighbor's yard behind us," said Katelynn Walker as she looks at a tree that crashed onto her property.

The morning after a storm passes through our area, damage is clearly evident. A tree came crashing down on cars in the driveway of one Chesterfield County home leaving a tangled mess of metal.

"It was an SUV but now it's pretty much a sports car," added Walker.

"That car was the love of my life you know?" said Katelynn's grandmother, Susan.

Walker's Honda Pilot is totaled after the storm. She won't know if her second car next to it is salvageable until she can get the tree moved. For her this whole experience has been nothing short of a bad dream.

"It's a nightmare. It's a complete nightmare. Waking up to this and hearing my granddaughter come and tell me, 10 after 6 in the morning that 'Grandma your car is crushed!'" added Walker.

Further north in Caroline County, another house in shambles. A 300 pound tree came crashing through the roof landing on the resident's bed. They, like many others, are hoping their insurance company will cover the cost of the repairs.

"I guess I got a nice welcome for Friday the 13th," laughs Susan Walker.

Now both families are cleaning up what they can as they wait for the trees to be removed. They're just thankful that no one was injured when the trees fell.

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