Officials say storm's power was unexpected

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

DELTAVILLE, VA (WWBT) – At White Point Cove in Deltaville the wind is still whipping. The river is still spilling out of its banks and residents are trying to figure out how much damage there is.

The Rappahannock is restless, battering the river bank and ripping siding from homes. Piers are missing - torn apart. Wood is now scattered around the area. Three days of torrential rain and 35 mile an hour winds are getting to residents like Chip Holt. He's not a fan of nor'easters.

"Hurricane's last 5 or 6 hours and it's over with. This is the third day of this," said Holt.

Holt keeps trophies of Deltaville's worst storms etched into the wood in his boat house.

"It looks like this storm was about this level. Isabel was this much more water and Ernesto came up to here," Colt said.

Middlesex County leaders spent the day walking the coast, documenting the damage. Entire trees were toppled by the wind and weight of the water. Streets remain flooded and some houses can't be reached.

"And a lot of these folks don't live down here and so they really didn't get a chance to come down and shore up their places and get up their furniture and do anything. So we have a lot of debris just floating all around from the unexpected storm," said Charles Culley, Middlesex County Administrator.

To Deltaville, the remains of Ida will remain for a few more days.

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