Swift Creek creating flooding problems in Chesterfield

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – One Chesterfield County dispatcher said they have been consistently dealing with about two dozen trouble spots -- either from downed trees or flooding.

The Swift Creek Reservoir is raging with high water.

The scene on Otterdale Road near Genito Road is that of pavement washed away. Chesterfield County crews shut down this road to traffic, as it is too dangerous to venture across.

In fact, "road closed" signs have been cropping up all over Chesterfield County since this weather system rolled in -- especially on secondary roads.

"Caution--high water." More evidence of some nasty remnants mother nature left behind. Another road closure, this time a few miles away on Woolridge Road.

It was shut down because of standing water across the road--just high enough to be dangerous to drivers.

County crews say at this point they are now in a waiting game--there's really nothing much they can do until this water recedes.

That should happen now since the bulk of this wet and windy weather is over--but in the meantime--you still need to be careful.

A reminder, it is important to avoid driving through standing water -- you never know how deep it could be--or what could be in there--like a live power line.

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