Roads flooded in Virginia's coastal cities

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

NORFOLK, VA (WWBT) – In the Hampton Roads area, the high tide is causing some of the worst flooding since Hurricane Isabel hit in 2003.  

A dramatic rescue on Bayville Street in Willoughby. A couple waded through the high water to help two women get to higher ground. But as they came out, Molly Casey took her chances going in.

"Trying to make it home," said Casey as she walked through the high water toward her house.

Flood waters reached the tops of car doors and kept rising.

"We had waves lapping we had a shore break basically in our back yard," said Casey.

At one point, the water from Willoughby Bay came up onto the marina parking lot. Boat owners tied down their vessels. They say the flooding is almost as bad as when Isabel struck.

Not far away, in downtown Norfolk. The sign for Water Street lived up to its name.

"There's tidal waves when you drive yeah it's pretty deep," said one man.

The whipping winds and relentless rain brought out the curious.

"What else are you supposed to do on a rainy day like this," said Christina Hamilton.

While others risked a drive home.

"It just stalled out on me," said George Davis of south Richmond.

Luckily, Davis made it out on his own. His trip back home to Richmond will now take a lot longer than planned.

"I know I'm stuck but I've seen a whole lot worse," said Davis.

So have police, as they answer emergency calls with boats in tow.

Authorities say they're going to monitor the roads as well as keep an eye out for any damage caused by the high winds.

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