Testimony begins in the trial of Judy Wright

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The shooting death of 5 year old Dominique Carter occurred 1 year and 3 months ago today. In court, prosecutors called the incident a foreseeable tragedy and Judy Wright knew her son was aggressive toward the other kids in the home. The defense team says when all the evidence is presented Wright should be found not guilty.

Wright walked into court quickly, a coat covered her face. During day one of her trial she sat quietly -- often dabbing her eyes with tissue.

During opening statements prosecutors called the case "straight forward" -- stating that Wright left three young kids alone in a room while she went to work.

Also in that room a gym bag filled with clothes, make-up, and a gun. Prosecutors say at some point Wright's ten year old son found the gun and shot and killed her 5 year old granddaughter.

The defense told the jury that when Wright left her home that tragic night the kids were tucked into bed, sleeping. And that her elderly mother was also in the home asleep.

The defense team also noted that Wright had just moved into the home in Church Hill where the shooting happened. That she had boxes everywhere and didn't know the gun was packed in a bag in the same room as the children.

Several witnesses took the stand today including the Richmond detective who first arrived on scene. The detective testified that when he saw the victim she was upstairs on the floor. The defendant's mother was leaning over the little girl with a white rag -- applying pressure to the victim's head. The detective also said the defendant's mother was void of any emotion.

In all, 20 witnesses are expected to take the stand, including the ten year old who fired that deadly shot.

The trial is expected wrap up tomorrow. If Judy Wright is found guilty she faces a maximum of 10 years behind bars. 

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