Trees, Roads feel storm's wrath

By Andy Jenks - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Lisa Kuper of Bon Air was thinking it would be a quiet evening. Then the tree collapsed.

"Heard a loud boom, and the ground shook," said Lisa.

One tree was uprooted, and on the way down, it took out part of a smaller tree.

"It worries me because there's a lot more rain and wind to come, I'm afraid it's probably the first on many," she said.

Lisa's story is not unlike that of many other homeowners...where soft, wet ground and high winds are causing all kinds of trees to hit the pavement. At one point, VDOT was taking about 12-calls an hour for fallen trees.

In Henrico the weather took out this big tree near the Collegiate School. Traffic came to a stop. And in Chesterfield, another tree on the road caused cars to be re-routed for several hours.

But, that's only part of the problem. In some places, like Riverside Drive in Richmond - the rainwater has almost nowhere to go. Cars are barely making in through.

"A lot of the road flooding we've been seeing is on the secondary roads, you know the more rural areas, areas that don't get as much traffic, you really need to be careful in those areas," said Dawn Eischen, VDOT.

The interstates in metro-Richmond look better, yet they're still slick enough to cause accidents like this scene from I-64 east, near the airport. The driver lost control and crashed into the trees. He's expected to be okay.

Still, VDOT is urging caution on the roads. With a warning to make sure you let the "pros" handle any emergency...especially when it comes to fallen trees.

A word about hydroplaning. Right now it's too dark to see the water ahead of time. Go slow, and make sure you're not about to plow through one of these pools of standing water. 

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