Who has the best price on groceries in Richmond?

By Jennifer Warnick - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Everyone wants the best deal possible when buying groceries. We shopped for three typical meals, in three different locations, on three separate weeks to find out who gives you More Bang for Your Buck.

Who has the best price in town? It's not always who you think.

Our first meal consists of a heat and serve Hormel turkey breast with Bob Evans mashed potatoes. To round out the meal we add Del Monte green beans and a two liter of Coke Zero.

This week we begin in Chesterfield where Food Lion's green beans cost more than twice as much as Walmart's. Walmart and Ukrop's offer the same discount for the turkey breast, $4.98, compared to Kroger's $6.99 and Food Lion's $7.49. But, Food Lion pulled the best price for the soda.

The most expensive this week: Food Lion's meal cost $14.01. 
The best price: Walmart coming in at $9.65.

Week two takes us to Henrico for an Italian meal. We buy Dole's caesar salad, a 38-ounce Stouffer's lasagna, Texas toast garlic bread, and 64 ounces of grape juicy juice. Kroger and Ukrop's salad is 50 cents more than the competition. No store comes close to Walmart's lasagna deal for $6 -- the others price it at least $1.50 more. Food Lion has the cheapest frozen bread, and Kroger sports the lowest juice price at $2.11.

The highest price this week: Ukrop's with $17.66
The lowest: Walmart at $13.94.

For our last price comparison, we visit Richmond locations to pick up Nathan's 8-count beef franks with Martin's potato rolls. To complete the cookout we chose a 28 ounce size can of bushes baked beans and 30 ounces of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

The best hotdog bargain is a tie between Ukrop's and Kroger with a price of $3.50. The hot dog rolls and beans are 20 cents cheaper at Walmart, but it's downfall this week is the cookies-all of the other stores handily beat Walmart's $4.46.

The highest price this week: Food Lion at $13.76.  
The lowest: Kroger for $12.11.

No one store was ever the cheapest, nor the most expensive. So as mom says, it pays to shop around.

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