Call 12's top government agency complaints

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Almost every day, our Call 12 lines are staffed with volunteers that take your calls and concerns about just about every topic imaginable.

Many of those complaints are about government agencies, and we have looked back to see which government agencies our Call 12 viewers have had the most problems with.

5. Henrico County Public Works

The Henrico Department of Public works logged the 5th highest number of complaints to our Call 12 lines, in part because the governmental department is in charge of so much.

Henrico Public Works employees are responsible for construction, road maintenance, traffic engineering and as well as environmental and engineering design.

Call 12 participants had a wide range of complaints from the speed of permit applications to the way certain roads were designed.

4. The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority provides low income housing options to people in the river city draws complaints about everything from problems with rental units, to crime in the community.

RRHA as it is dubbed maintains 12 different public housing communities as well as homes for elderly and disabled Richmonders.

It is not easy work, and the effort to redevelop the poorest parts of Richmond, has drawn the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority the 4th spot on our list of the most complained about local agencies.

3. The Richmond Department of Public Utilities

The Richmond Department of Public Utilities is the third biggest offender when it comes to complaints to our Call 12 lines.

Richmond's DPU maintains natural gas and water services in the City of Richmond and is administered through city hall.

Call 12 callers had a variety of complaints about the department, most of which had to do with the delivery of service or a lack of quick action when a problem occurred. There were also many disputes DPU customers had with their bills that they were looking for Call 12 to help rectify.

2. The Virginia Department of Transportation

With the responsibility of maintaining millions of miles of Virginia's most important highways the commonwealth's Department of Transportation comes in 2nd on our list of the most complained about agencies.

VDOT which is builds and maintains the commonwealth's most vital thoroughfares, often draws the ire of our viewers because of delays in traffic due to construction and complaints about roads with pot holes and other problems.

Viewers also raised complaints about the designs of certain highways, and the impact construction has had on their communities, during peak times that roads are being fixed.

1. Department of Motor Vehicles

A trip to any Department of Motor Vehicles anywhere in the country is never considered an easy task, and if our Call 12 participants are any indication, it is no picnic in Virginia.

In fact there were 15 percent more complaints about the DMV than any other agency in our Call 12 database.

From hold-ups with paperwork to long lines at local offices, Call 12 viewers had plenty to unload about when it came to the DMV.

With the task of responding to the needs of 5.6 million customers, the DMV's work is no simple task. The agency operates on a budget of more than $200 million and in 2008 brought in $2.2 billion for Virginia transportation programs.

The agency is attempting to streamline its operation, by offering more services online and fine tuning the process by which people wait to get help at one their 74 customer service centers across Virginia.

Despite their efforts, the DMV still ranks number one as the most complained about state agency in our Call 12 survey.

And we spent today, hearing from you about which agency you have had the most problems with. Next week on 12 News at 11, we put 12 on your side to work for one of our callers having a hard time getting a response from a local agency.

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