Easy Targets: 10 things you do every day that might make you a victim

Easy Targets: 10 Things You Do Every Day That Might Make You A Victim

1) Jogging while listening to music: You sacrifice one of your primary senses and compromise your awareness.

2) Waiting for the bus: People drop their bags at the bus stop. Do this, and a thief is likely to walk by and snag them.

3) Walking to the ATM: Don't telegraph where your valuables are. Leave them in the car. Approach the ATM with just your card.

4) Chatting in a park: Don't be so busy talking that an abductor has a chance to grab your child.

5) Making regular bank visits: Thieves identify routines. Don't deposit your Social Security check at the same time and place each month. Someone could be waiting for you.

6) Leaving your car unlocked. Thieves don't often take time to break into a vehicle. But they will stop to steal items from one that is unlocked.

7) Standing on the curb. A drive-by thief has a perfect opportunity to grab your purse and get away.

8) Forgetting to trim your hedges. Tall shrubs give would-be burglars a perfect place to hide until you leave the house.

9) Programming "Home" into your GPS. If the device gets stolen, a burglar knows where he'll find the rest of your stuff.

10) Updating your Facebook status. Giving out too much information (like being on vacation) allows a criminal to know when you won't be home.

Sources: Readers Digest (October 2009) and Richmond Police Community Care Unit