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Is all this rain from Ida?

By Andrew Freiden - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Is this rain all from Ida?

The answer is complicated!  The tropical system called Ida is no longer, but now we now have a very strong coastal storm in her place.  Think of it as the spawn or offspring of Ida.   

The storm developing off the coast today spun up as a result of Ida but it's NON-tropical.  It is no longer driven by warm water and by big, tall thunderstorms releasing heat.  Now it is fueled by the temperature differences on either side of the storm.  It now has cold air at its core and very little thunderstorm activity. 

But we are still in for a doozy of a storm.  Rain totals will end up on par with tropical systems (some places could top 6”) and because this storm will stall offshore, tropical storm force winds and waves will batter the coast for more than two days.

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