Sensa sprinkles claim to curb hunger

By Curt Autry - bio | email
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – It's one of many products that promises quick results in the battle of the bulge. It's called "Sensa" and it claims to reduce your cravings. All you do is sprinkle crystals over your food.

Between now and Christmas will be hectic for Natalie Hall. Not only does she have the holidays coming up - she's getting married in December. And like all local brides-t0-be, she'd like to drop a few pounds before the wedding.

"It's not a pill...and it's easy to use as salt and pepper. I've lost 31 pounds in 6 months using Sensa," said Natalie.

The ad's claim it's a revolutionary weight loss break thru. You simply shake the Sensa sprinkles onto the food you normally eat - and these crystals somehow reduce your cravings for food. Natalie admits the so called science behind it, is a little tough to follow.

"Apparently, it gets to your hypothalamus which then basically tells you, you're not hungry so then you don't eat as much - I guess," she said.

Well, it's been a month and the result?

"I didn't see any result," said Natalie.

At Richmond's Zacharias-Ganey Health Institute, they lose weight the old fashioned way - they burn it off. A combination of nutritional guidance, high impact work-outs, and lots of cardio, seem to do the trick. Founder Dr. Madge Zacharias has looked into Sensa sprinkles and doesn't get it either.

"It's made up of multi-dextrine, which is nothing more than sugar, and I think its tri-calcium phosphate - which is a calcium product, neither of which should make you lose weight," said Dr. Madge Zacharias.

Charles King has been working out here for 6 months - for him the hard work is paying off.

"I've lost 75 pounds..." King said.

Dr. Zacharias suggests that if your diet plan sounds too easy - it's probably a waste of time.

"You get people exercising and training - and eating right...and that becomes the key," said Dr. Zacharias.

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