4 juveniles arrested for shooting spree

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Shattered windows, broken glass and bullet holes are what business owners in the Midlothian Shopping Center are cleaning up. Four boys are believed to be responsible for the damages.

"Some citizens had observed so kids were going around with bb guns, shooting at windows and businesses and trucks and some lights in the area," said Major Karl Leonard, Chesterfield police.

It happened Sunday night just before 7:30. Police arrested 4 juveniles, ages 12 to 14, for shooting out windows at businesses including Fresh To Frozen Grocery Store on Hull Street road and Pediatric Dentistry.

"Someone may learn a lesson from that. But you know, you're out here in the middle of the open and I don't think they were thinking too well," said Dr. James Keeton, Pediatric Dentist.

Doctor James Keeton has been practicing dentistry at this location for 25 years. The suspects shot out seven of his office windows and left holes in others. For him it was an upsetting phone call but one that came to a happy end.

"I thank the police for doing such a great job. They met me here they kind of patrolled the building that evening to make sure nothing happened cause the windows were cracked and broken," said Dr Keeton.

Typically vandalism of this nature goes unsolved. Police credit tips from the community for helping lead to an arrest.

Damages are estimated at $6,000 but could increase as more damage is found. The boys will be charged with felony vandalism.

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