EMS Aid program in Prince George County

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PRINCE GEORGE, VA (WWBT) - How much do you think an emergency ambulance transport cost? In some cases, the price tag could be several hundred dollars in out of pocket expenses. That's part of the reason one locality is urging citizens to learn about an EMS aid subscription program.

The goal behind the program is to help residents avoid rising healthcare cost if transported to the hospital for a medical emergency.

It can come with a hefty price tag: a ride to the hospital by way of ambulance. In Prince George County a basic transport is about $400. But to help defray out-of-pocket expenses for the uninsured portion of that transport, Prince George Fire and EMS is reminding residents about a subscription program it offers called EMS Aid.

"It covers any procedures done in route from the scene to the hospital - any equipment, and medical supplies used in route to the hospital," said Brad Owens, Prince George Fire & EMS.

The program cost $59 per household. It covers any permanent resident in that home whether there are two people living there or twelve.

"Any out of pocket expenses that are not covered by the insurance company is covered by that 59 dollar fee, and all other charges are waived," said Owens.

Each subscription is good for one year and one transport. Everyone in the county is eligible to participate. Homer Garr heard about the program for the first time today.

"Something like this could relieve concern I think. It's an interesting concept and new to me certainly. I think people would be interested in it," he said.

Garr says he doubts EMS rides are covered at a hundred percent under his insurance plan. He now plans on checking to see if the county's EMS aid program will help save him money.

The deadline to enroll is January 31, 2010. For more information about the program contact the office of Fire and EMS in Prince George County. 

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