Richmond City Council delays towing fee increase

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Right now you should only be paying $65 in the city if you park in an area marked with one of these tow zone signs. Tonight, council members did not vote on nearly doubling the penalty -- instead they decided some more homework needed to be done.

Be careful where you park. That will soon be the motto for drivers hoping to avoid a hefty fine for parking in Richmond.

"They're going to approve a fee increase. It sounds like it's going to be $125 as a cap which is nice. It's comparable to the state," said Erica Kulp, Global Towing.

Monday night, city council leaders showed support for a towing fee increase. It's a plus for towing companies, but not so good for the average driver.

"I don't necessarily disagree with them raising their fees for towing but the fact that so many towing operators are operating outside of the law and overcharging individuals who live in the city," said Tavarris Spinks, Richmond driver.

While they appeared to be in favor of the new increase, council members still had questions. Before they give their approval, they want to make sure all tow away zone signs within the city are visible and that towing companies won't charge more than they should.

"I paid $700 dollars four years ago to a particular towing company and that from what I understand tonight is obviously well above the limits they should have charged," said Harry Mosley, Renaissance Conference Center.

The fee increase proposal will go before the board again on November 23. For now it goes back to the public safety board so all questions can be addressed. Also tonight council members voted to wait on increasing fines for parking in a handicap parking space. Both the towing and handicap parking fee increase is more than likely going to be approved on November 23.

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