Burglaries on the rise in Southside neighborhood

By Laura Geller - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email
RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - One Southside community worked with police Monday night to fight back after a sharp spike in burglaries. Richmond officers and command staff walked the streets of the South Garden neighborhood after a rash of home break-ins.
We've learned police have made one arrest in those burglaries, which have spiked in just the last month. Starting October first through this Sunday, thieves hit nine South Garden neighborhood homes.  
In this traditionally quiet neighborhood, the knocks of police were actually the sign of very welcome visitors. That's because residents here are just learning of a frightening trend.  
Nine times in the last month, during daylight weekday hours, thieves struck homes. They got away with televisions, money, jewelry and gaming stations. The sea of white shirts in the neighborhood walk-through was made up of Richmond's top brass. 
In the same time period last year, police responded to just one of these incidents. This time around many of the targeted homes had weak door locks and not one had an alarm system.
Now, the department is taking to the streets, making sure residents know what's going on and how they can protect themselves.
"From the rank and file to the command staff, everyone is involved in the crime solving here at the Richmond Police Department," said Police Chief Bryan Norwood.
They're hoping residents can help that effort acting as the department's eyes and ears.
"I think it will give people an awareness that there's people that are going to be looking around. They're coming around to each neighbor to make sure they're aware. So yeah, I think it will help a lot," said Resident Judy Porter. 
Other suspects are still on the loose. Detectives believe they are mostly teenagers. If you see anything suspicious, call police at 646-5100. 

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