Sniper's ex-wife speaks about motive: Key evidence revealed

By Curt Autry - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – In less than 24 hours the D.C. sniper, John Allen Muhammad will be executed. He'll die by lethal injection at the Greensville Correction Center in Jarrot. Today the US Supreme Court refused to step in and tonight his ex-wife is talking about his real motive for the murders, and they key evidence, never made public that helped solve the crime.

"I was done...I was done -- I had reached the plateau," said Mildred Muhammad, D.C. sniper's ex-wife.

And with those words, Mildred Muhammad packed up her three children and moved east in the Fall of 2001, determined to never see Washington state or John Allen Muhammad again.

She moved to suburban Washington D.C. and went into hiding. But come to find out, John knew where she was living the entire time. His handiwork was all around her.

Paul Laruffa was robbed then shot in the hand at his restaurant in Clinton, Maryland just a few blocks from Mildred's home.

A liquor store robbery clerk Muhammad Rashid was shot in the stomach but survives. This crime scene is less than two miles from her house.

But, it was a clue found just days after the shooting at the Ponderosa Steak House in Ashland, Virginia - that investigators put it all together -- that's when Mildred got a knock on the door.  It was an ATF agent, and he had many questions.

"Do you know anything about a shooting in Baton Rouge, I said no sir.  Do you know anything about any shootings in Alabama? I said no sir.  He said we're going to have to take you down to the police station," Mildred said.

The murder of Claudine Parker, at the ABC beverage store in Montgomery, Alabama -- weeks earlier -- had yielded a crucial piece of evidence. Near the crime scene -- an ammunition catalog, with Lee Boyd Malvo's fingerprints on it.

In the woods, behind the Ponderosa Steak House, police found a foil snack wrapper with prints that matched the Montgomery crime scene, and that wasn't all.

Back in Tacoma Washington, John Allen Muhammad had used a tree stump in his backyard for target practice. The slugs found in the stump -- matched the ammo used to kill Claudine Parker and to seriously wound Jeffrey Hopper at the Ponderosa.  John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo were now on the radar.

Police revealed to Mildred that John was the sniper.

"Say what! John?  My head just hit the table...I'm shakin' my head. He said, 'Well Miss Muhammad -- do you think he would do something like this?' I raised my hand... Well – yeah," she said.

And to make matter worse -- they suspected "these seemingly random" murders were part of a bigger plot to kill her, and divert suspicion to a crazed gunman.

"I just went into horror, thinking about all of those innocent people who were killed, because he was trying to hide his efforts to murder me," Mildred said.

With time waning until John's execution, her thoughts are now with her three children. Still teenagers, all three want to see their father one last time -- a final request she believes John will deny.

"He doesn't want them to see him like he is now.....and that's unfortunate, because my children need to see him. We've watched all of the media, looked at all the movies....they know what public opinion is about their dad, and they still love him," she said.

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