ARCHIVE: Sniper attacks -- Look back at victim's families a year later

ARCHIVE: Oct 13, 2003

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) –    A candlelight vigil brought together dozens of relatives of the sniper victims -- for the first time since the shootings last year.  But, it won't be the last.

They'll likely see each other again -- at the trials of John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo -- which many of them plan to attend.

"Is that helping you with closure or do you just want more information?," asked Denise Johnson, Wife of Sniper Victim.   "A little of both."

Details about the shootings have been hard to come by for these victims.  They're hoping the trials will help to fill in the blanks.

"Not because I enjoy the details, but because of the healing process I think it's important and I think I owe it to him to hear what really happened," said Larry Meyers, Sniper Victim's Brother.
   Larry Meyers -- who read a poem at the vigil -- will likely get more details than most.  His brother Dean's murder -- shot while pumping gas at a Manassas gas station -- is the centerpiece of the Fairfax County commonwealth's attorney's case against Muhammad.
   He's also hoping for an opportunity to speak - perhaps during the sentencing phase.

"I feel like it's part of the healing process and I feel I owe it to my brother to invest that time in those major points in the trial."
   The trials promise to be gut-wrenching experiences for those who lost so much to the snipers.
   Some relatives - like Ennis Wilson - are going to support other loved ones -so they won't be alone.

"I will probably attend and I will accompany my wife there," said Ennis Wilson, Sniper Victim Brother-in-Law.
  And, like Wilson, they all want to see how those accused of killing their loved ones react when confronted with the evidence.

"And if they show any remorse or show any feeling at all about what they've done - or feel sad about it," said Wilson.

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