ARCHIVE: Tarot cards left as mysterious messages

ARCHIVE: Oct 21, 2002

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Investigators are trying to figure out if a shooting this morning at a Maryland bus stop is in fact the work of the sniper, who's killed nine people and wounded three others, including a man in Ashland this weekend.

As they try to break this case, one of the clues they're looking at is an eerie item they say the sniper left behind -- a tarot card, the death card.

The sniper's tantalizing message "I am god" -- with the scary looking tarot death card strikes fear He aims to taunt police and paralyze communities -- but the expert tarot readers say there's nothing demonic about the cards -- the number 13 death card means transition -- change.

"If I am looking at death reading cards. That's not the card that I would look for. It means a major change soon to come. It has nothing to do with anybody's death."

The cards are filled with religious symbolism says interpreter and teacher Kay Cole. Using them in any other way is about control.

"Of course he is ... he's trying to undermine anybody who … it's like a cat playing with a mouse. That's exactly what he's doing."

"Can you interpret the cards whether police are going to catch this person? … They will, absolutely. Not going to get off scot free."

"There will be a major change in his life. It ain't going to stay the same. Nothing stays the same."

"The second wheel of fortune card says things in the process of moving or changing ... and this is a card represents communications and it says wanting more."

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