ARCHIVE: Sniper suspects spotted at Ashland YMCA

ARCHIVE: Oct, 2002

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) –Three days before the Ashland Ponderosa shooting....just across the street.... members at the Ashland YMCA remember two men they'd never seen before.

"I went to the locker room to shower like I normally do, but I happened to walk in and something just didn't seem right."

Macy noticed two men.   The younger was sitting on the bench with his head down.
The older….

"He and I just made eye contact and he got out of my way and that was the weird thing at no point were they talking and at no point did they make conversation with me either."

Macy walked back into the workout area...he figured the men were homeless.

"The thing that really probably sticks out with me the most was the odor.  It was obvious their clothes were soiled.  They hadn't bathed in quite some time."

Macy decided something didn't feel right...he skipped the shower. And didn't think about the men until he saw their picture in the paper. But he couldn't figure out  why they looked so familiar.

"And then once again I was at the Y yesterday, working out and got in the shower and then it all hit me.  It dawned on me...I know where I saw that guy!"

When Macy shared his memories with workers at the front desk....they began to remember too.

"As I started to retell the story, Tracy the young lady who was working the desk that day she realized too...she put it together in her head and she just started to freak out a little bit." 

Macy also noticed a backpack and other belongings. He wishes he had known who the men were....and recognized more than just the uneasiness they created in him.

"It was just an eerie feeling, you know I think maybe it was the good lord looking out for me and saying hey, get out of here because there's a presence of evil, who knows."

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