Ground search for Harrington underway

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - The search will begin again tomorrow morning for missing Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington. Hundreds of volunteers showed up today for a massive community ground search.

Harrington disappeared three weeks ago tomorrow. The search began under the Copely Bridge one of the last places Morgan Harrington may have been seen.

Down the railroad tracks and into the brush: groups of ten searched for one. They were searching for new clues. Using every resource every bit of hope, each volunteer had their own reason for looking.

"If that was my kid, or one of our kids out there we'd want people to pitch in and do the same thing," said Richmond resident Jamel Turner.

Emotions ran raw. Morgan's mom and dad, too drained to go out with the teams, were given a new sense of optimism by the kindness of each volunteer.

"This has given me more strength to deal with this it's the relationships and the community we have that has held us up so far and will continue holding us up until we find our daughter Morgan," said Gil Harrington, Morgan's Mother.

"My hope is this doesn't end. If we don't find Morgan this weekend that we continue to have people look for her. We need Morgan to come back home," Morgan's father Dan Harrington said.

The search will continue all weekend long until Sunday at dark or if they find Morgan in Charlottesville.

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